Web Development

Business Card Website

It is a small site with the management system and ideal to show company profile on the Internet. We can expand its functionality if you desire. Business Card Website is an optimal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Information Portal

It is a large website, which is organized as a multi-level combination of various resources and services.

Landing Page

This is a one-page site, most of the time it is a logical extension of an advertising company, a search query or link. It pushes a customer to buy a product (service) by using interesting marketing text and attractive design.

Online Store

This is almost the same with the site-catalogue, but it includes the opportunity for customer to place an order and pay for it.

Catalogue Website

The catalogue site include a possibility to add a huge amount of services of your company on site. The main difference from online shop is that on this type of site customers have no ability to put goods in basket, place an order and pay for it.

Technical Support

It consists of full control of website and promts correction of errors, which may influence the operation of it

Search Engine Marketing


Our main aim is a result. We will create the leader positions in the search sites, for instance, Google or Yandex, by using key words. In this way, your potential customers can find you easily.


The main aim here is to use a combination of key components of contextual advertising . We can increase a traffic of your site the next day by using an selling ad texts, correctly selected key words and competent settings.

We offer free of charge consultation to promote your site

It may help to attract new visitors to the site

Social Media Marketing


We guide business and private accounts and attract only real potential customers. A target advertising campaign.


Creating unique content. Design and complex promotion. Only real subscribers.


It includes a design, content managment and complex promotion of groups and publics. A target advertising campaign.


It includes a design, managment and complex promotion of groups and publics.


It includes a design, managment and complex promotion of profiels and public pages. A target advertising campaign.


It includes a design, managment and complex promotion of chanels. Only real subscribers.

Individual approach

We calculate SMM service price curently for your objectives.